Saturday, January 15, 2011

New Born Baby Blog

Hello all..this is my new blog of ATH703 which is Design History subject..We need to start blogging and write some issue(s) that had been discussed in the this blog will be one of our carry it rite 'budak-budak nakal'..?

(Sape sokong ak sila angkat kaki cmni..he3)

I believe everyone in my class will do their best to fulfill Suzy's desire in making this subject gud luck 4 everyone..& dun 4get to put your comment here (any opinion or correction or anything) are freely to do so  ^_^  ..sit back n relax n enjoy my blog...


P/S: Owh before that bout the blog's is just a provoke to make it more catchy..I hope so...hahahaha

1 comment:

SHaRZ said...

yay berjaya gak..wakaka pe la ak merepek kali ni...