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THE VIENNA SECESSION & ADOLF LOOS (The Genesis of Twentieth Century Design)

I was worried because of this entry....i want to give some new information so viewer will not get bored. And suddenly a magical book appeared..(mcm Hikayat Putera Syazlan la plop)

(PoOf...~* kua buku ni)

with crazy old women...(xtau dtg dari mna) she stared at me and open the book..and start reading. "THE MAGICAL OF TWENTIETH CENTURY DESIGN"

Mak x gile ouke.....mak nk bantu ko ni..

Long..long...time ago.... 

In Austria, Vienna Secession (Sezessionistil) was created on 3 April 1897. It is caused by the younger members of the Kunstlerhaus (Viennese Creative Artists Association) resigned in stormy protest.

(We all nk resign..fed up sbb pe aek?)

The refusal is to allow foreign artists to participate in Kunstlerhaus exhibitions was the main issue, but the clash between tradition and new ideas emanating from France, England, and Germany lay at the heart of the conflict, and the young artists wanted to exhibit more frequently.

Kereta(NEW IDEA) + lembu(TRADITION) = ????

Painter Gustav Klimt(1862-1918) was the guiding spirit who led the revolt; architects Joseph Maria Olbrich(1867-1908) and Josef Hoffman(1870-1956) and artist-designer Koloman Moser(1868-1918) were key members.

Dari Kiri: Gustav, Joseph, Hoffman dan last skali Moser

Like the Glasgow School, the Vienna Secession became a countermovement to the floral art nouveau that flourish in other parts of Europe.

The rapid evolution can be seen from the benchmark posters for the Vienna Secession’s exhibitions from the illustrative allegorical style of symbolist painting to a French-inspired floral style to the mature Vienna Secession style, which drew inspiration from the Glasgow School.

1st Vienna Secession exhibition poster by Gustav Klimt
-referred to Greek mythology (illustrative allegorical style of symbolist painting)

(Pix Theseus bogel tu jd kontroversi yg menaikkan lagi minat org awam dalam pemberontakan artis[eleh... ske la tu tgk pix bogel kan...])

5th Vienna Secession poster by Koloman Moser
-demonstrates how quickly the central idealized figures and swooping floral forms of French art nouveau absorbed (French-inspired floral style)

Artis Secession ni suke sesuatu yg kelihatan bersih, simple, huruf sans serif, ranging from flat, blocky slabs to fluidly calligraphic forms.

13th Vienna Secession poster by Koloman Moser

 -a masterpiece of the mature phase

Vienna become the center for creative innovation in the final blossoming of art nouveau, as represented by the Vienna Secession’s elegant Ver Sacrum (Sacred Spring)

(Ver Sacrum ni lebih kepada makmal design daripada majalah)


Kenapa makmal design?
  • Because they continuously changing editorial staff
  • design responsibility handled by a rotating committee of artists
  • and unpaid contributions of art and design were all focused on experimentation and graphic excellence  

Editorial content included articles about artist and their work, poems contributed by leading writers of the day, and an illustrated monthly calendar. Critical essays were published, including a famous article entitled “Potemkin City” by the polemic Austrian architect Adolf Loos

Haa..Mak baru jumpa isu Adolf Loos...

::::::::::ADOLF LOOS(1870-1933)::::::::::
Because of Vienna building facades were cast-concrete fronts mimicking Renaissance and Baroque palaces, Loos accused Vienna of being like the artificial towns of canvas and pastboard erected in the Ukraine to deceive the Russian empress Catherine. All areas of design were challenged by Loos, whose other writings roundly condemned both historicism and Sezessionstil as he called for a functional simplicity that banished “useless decoration in any form”. Standing alone at the turn of century, Loos blasted the nineteenth-century love of decoration and abhorrence of empty spaces. To him, “organic” meant not curvilinear but the use of human needs as a standard for measuring utilitarian form.

When Vienna artist reject the French floral style, they turn towards something that flat shapes and greater simplicity (simply siti....hi3).

Dari camni......
Daripada Flora bagai
simplekn..?xyah pki bj..bulu dada je dh jd bra....

After 1910 the creative momentum in Vienna declined. But the gulf between nineteenth-century ornament and art nouveau on the one hand and the rational functionalism and geometric formalism of the twentieth century on the other had been bridged.

Tu je la yg tertulis dlm buku magis ni yg dapat Mak tolong...


Now from what I already understand, there is no 'which one is good'. For me the style that I will use is depend on the situation...All the design will go through the Vienna and then to the Loos style...

This is for the example..Adobe Photoshop..let's check the design interface...erm by the way.. I am New Media student...

Adobe Photoshop 7.....kira cm era illustrative allegorical style of symbolist painting

Adobe Photoshop plak cm era French-inspired floral style
Ni plak Adobe Photoshop CS2..era Vienna Secession style yang matang
Adobe Photoshop CS3...Loos style...
So...I hope with the example I already gave...will help you to understand more in what I want to deliver...But if you ask me what style that I more into....he3 my design is more to Loos style...
Ye ke...? Mak x cayalah..ko ni kuat membohong ni..tipu..tipu...
Melampau tul Mak Kebayan ni.......

Hambek ko sedas......melampau tul...

ehem..kontrol blk....

Sekian untuk entry kali ni...harap de yg le komen dlm ak memperbaharui content dlm blog ni...

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