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THE VIENNA SECESSION & ADOLF LOOS (The Genesis of Twentieth Century Design)

I was worried because of this entry....i want to give some new information so viewer will not get bored. And suddenly a magical book appeared..(mcm Hikayat Putera Syazlan la plop)

(PoOf...~* kua buku ni)

with crazy old women...(xtau dtg dari mna) she stared at me and open the book..and start reading. "THE MAGICAL OF TWENTIETH CENTURY DESIGN"

Mak x gile ouke.....mak nk bantu ko ni..

Long..long...time ago.... 

In Austria, Vienna Secession (Sezessionistil) was created on 3 April 1897. It is caused by the younger members of the Kunstlerhaus (Viennese Creative Artists Association) resigned in stormy protest.

(We all nk resign..fed up sbb pe aek?)

The refusal is to allow foreign artists to participate in Kunstlerhaus exhibitions was the main issue, but the clash between tradition and new ideas emanating from France, England, and Germany lay at the heart of the conflict, and the young artists wanted to exhibit more frequently.

Kereta(NEW IDEA) + lembu(TRADITION) = ????

Painter Gustav Klimt(1862-1918) was the guiding spirit who led the revolt; architects Joseph Maria Olbrich(1867-1908) and Josef Hoffman(1870-1956) and artist-designer Koloman Moser(1868-1918) were key members.

Dari Kiri: Gustav, Joseph, Hoffman dan last skali Moser

Like the Glasgow School, the Vienna Secession became a countermovement to the floral art nouveau that flourish in other parts of Europe.

The rapid evolution can be seen from the benchmark posters for the Vienna Secession’s exhibitions from the illustrative allegorical style of symbolist painting to a French-inspired floral style to the mature Vienna Secession style, which drew inspiration from the Glasgow School.

1st Vienna Secession exhibition poster by Gustav Klimt
-referred to Greek mythology (illustrative allegorical style of symbolist painting)

(Pix Theseus bogel tu jd kontroversi yg menaikkan lagi minat org awam dalam pemberontakan artis[eleh... ske la tu tgk pix bogel kan...])

5th Vienna Secession poster by Koloman Moser
-demonstrates how quickly the central idealized figures and swooping floral forms of French art nouveau absorbed (French-inspired floral style)

Artis Secession ni suke sesuatu yg kelihatan bersih, simple, huruf sans serif, ranging from flat, blocky slabs to fluidly calligraphic forms.

13th Vienna Secession poster by Koloman Moser

 -a masterpiece of the mature phase

Vienna become the center for creative innovation in the final blossoming of art nouveau, as represented by the Vienna Secession’s elegant Ver Sacrum (Sacred Spring)

(Ver Sacrum ni lebih kepada makmal design daripada majalah)


Kenapa makmal design?
  • Because they continuously changing editorial staff
  • design responsibility handled by a rotating committee of artists
  • and unpaid contributions of art and design were all focused on experimentation and graphic excellence  

Editorial content included articles about artist and their work, poems contributed by leading writers of the day, and an illustrated monthly calendar. Critical essays were published, including a famous article entitled “Potemkin City” by the polemic Austrian architect Adolf Loos

Haa..Mak baru jumpa isu Adolf Loos...

::::::::::ADOLF LOOS(1870-1933)::::::::::
Because of Vienna building facades were cast-concrete fronts mimicking Renaissance and Baroque palaces, Loos accused Vienna of being like the artificial towns of canvas and pastboard erected in the Ukraine to deceive the Russian empress Catherine. All areas of design were challenged by Loos, whose other writings roundly condemned both historicism and Sezessionstil as he called for a functional simplicity that banished “useless decoration in any form”. Standing alone at the turn of century, Loos blasted the nineteenth-century love of decoration and abhorrence of empty spaces. To him, “organic” meant not curvilinear but the use of human needs as a standard for measuring utilitarian form.

When Vienna artist reject the French floral style, they turn towards something that flat shapes and greater simplicity (simply siti....hi3).

Dari camni......
Daripada Flora bagai
simplekn..?xyah pki bj..bulu dada je dh jd bra....

After 1910 the creative momentum in Vienna declined. But the gulf between nineteenth-century ornament and art nouveau on the one hand and the rational functionalism and geometric formalism of the twentieth century on the other had been bridged.

Tu je la yg tertulis dlm buku magis ni yg dapat Mak tolong...


Now from what I already understand, there is no 'which one is good'. For me the style that I will use is depend on the situation...All the design will go through the Vienna and then to the Loos style...

This is for the example..Adobe Photoshop..let's check the design interface...erm by the way.. I am New Media student...

Adobe Photoshop 7.....kira cm era illustrative allegorical style of symbolist painting

Adobe Photoshop plak cm era French-inspired floral style
Ni plak Adobe Photoshop CS2..era Vienna Secession style yang matang
Adobe Photoshop CS3...Loos style...
So...I hope with the example I already gave...will help you to understand more in what I want to deliver...But if you ask me what style that I more into....he3 my design is more to Loos style...
Ye ke...? Mak x cayalah..ko ni kuat membohong ni..tipu..tipu...
Melampau tul Mak Kebayan ni.......

Hambek ko sedas......melampau tul...

ehem..kontrol blk....

Sekian untuk entry kali ni...harap de yg le komen dlm ak memperbaharui content dlm blog ni...

buhbye...   ^_^

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Joy of Work

Assalamualaikum..and hye again..Sry because this entry is a lil bit late..(ni dh tahap lambat gila ni)..I dun have any essence of JOY to make this entry but I'll try my best to make this entry more interesting..
To all my fanatic follower, I will not disappointed u next time..
(Terus bagi ucapan ala2 org berkempen...kan...)

Ok...1st lets talk about the Arts and Crafts Movement. Started 1861 in England where William Morris in collaboration with other artist, created this movement. It appealed to individuality, novelty, and good taste; but it refined these tendencies into a social and philosophical position that revolved around the critique of what many saw as the ethical vacuum at the center of England's mercantile culture. 

(Ni lah dia William Morris..dia seorang penyair dan dekorator..bkn tabligh ye..walaupun janggut n jambang dia panjang...harap maklum)

  This movement was created as a reaction that they were frustrated by what they perceived as the drift toward mechanization. The concern of the arts and crafts was NOT on the end product of design, and certainly not on efficiency, but on the PROCESS shaping the design.

(Tak frustrated pun...aku happy je...suka sgt keje ngn mesin..[tipu])

Many artists, architects, designers and intellectuals in all forms of decorative and visual arts, as well as cultural and avant-garde fields, explored the idea to create an "art of modern life". 


Encik A: Baikla apa yg patut kita lakukan supaya idea-idea baru terhasil. Aku tak minat dgn idea2 seni yg lepas dan berulang2 terutama idea si Michael Angelo tu..
Puan Z: Aku sokong idea ko kelainan apa yg kita nak uat aek..? 

 So they came out with new style; was richly ornamental, characterised by curves and willowy lines. The painters, illustrators, jewellery and glassware designers explored symbolic or dreamlike themes, frequently of an erotic nature such as feminine figures in light dresses and evanescent landscapes, but also ornamental details, floral patterns and decorative elements being elevated to central focus points. 

(Inilah contoh New Style tu.....ada style x kwn2...?)

So this is the evolution into ART NOUVEAU >>>>>>>

(Abes smua angel bunuh diri sebab tak dijadikan motif seni lagi....LAME!)

There were a differences that so important between the two movement:

Arts and Crafts Movement VS Art Nouveau
Jeng..jeng....[sound efek ckit] 

The Arts and Crafts Movement aimed to heal the rift between human and product, Art Nouveau was more interested in issues of creativity.

So from what I've already explained, the revolution is started because people frustrated with the mechanization and they want to start something new. Something that distinctive, that can create joy in their artwork.

Joy in their artwork is to add design aesthetic to all kind of new ideas, attempts and creative innovations in the fields of architecture and interior design, furniture and fabrics, glass and tableware, jewelry and perfume bottles, posters and wallpaper, textiles and lighting.
Joy of Work Charles Rennie Markintosh

(Gambar sape lg klu bukan Charles Rennie Markintosh...xkn nk taruk pix lain..konpem kne tolak markah aku..)

Name: Charles Rennie Mackintosh
Date: 7 June 1868 - 10 December 1928
Citizen: Scottish
Specialties: Architect, designer, watercolourist and scultor
Born: Glasgow
Died: London
Design Style: Greatly influenced by Japanese design and art (although he never visited the country)
Example of work(s):
(Vertical designed chairs)

(House for an Art Lover, Interior)

The House for an Art Lover was completed in 1996 inspired by Mackintosh's portfolio of drawings of 1901.

(Glasgow School of Art library 1909)

In 1896 an architectural competition took place for the building of a new Glasgow School of Art on a site offered to the School's directors. Working to a budget of just £14,000, the Glasgow firm of Honeyman and Keppie submitted a design from the hand of one of their junior draughtsmen, Charles Rennie Mackintosh. Sympathetic to Mackintosh's intentions and knowing him as a student, the design was praised by the Head of the School, Francis Newbery and after being independently assessed by the educational authorities in London, was finally accepted.  

(Typeface based on Mackintosh's handwriting and lettering)

Basically from their artwork, there is some element that we can see here is the soul. The artwork have the essence of their own style. It is also represent the originality and the artist thinking. For Charles Rennie Mackintosh, his style is more to vertical design..It has a compress look, vertical lines and a high shape at his design including the font. So from the implement that had been made shows the Joy in the artworks as a holistic art that come from their own self.

This is the reference(s) link here, here, here and here

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Cogito Ergo Sum


(trus jadi stone sbb blank)

What is that?.....erm maybe another I start google (pe lg je sumber dia).. So I find out the meaning of our entry title this time is "I THINK, THEREFORE I AM"...The phrase have a simple meaning that if someone is thinking that he/she is alive..then he's/she's alive in a reality by not influenced by dream or some other figment of imagination. This statement had been used by René Descartes, a philosophical Latin

(This is the cm muka bapak korg x? He3 gurau je..)

 At the beginning of second meditation, he already reached the highest level of doubt which is the argument from the existence of deceiving god ( yg beragama Islam sila jgn terpengaruh..) He try his belief to examine if he survived from the doubt...In his belief in his own existence, he find that it is impossible to doubt that he is exists. If someone is still belief in his/her own existence, they will be survived from deceiving god (or evil demon). This is the statement
"But I have convinced myself that there is absolutely nothing in the world, no sky, no earth, no minds, no bodies. Does it now follow that I, too, do not exist? No. If I convinced myself of something [or thought anything at all], then I certainly existed. But there is a deceiver of supreme power and cunning who deliberately and constantly deceives me. In that case, I, too, undoubtedly exist, if he deceives me; and let him deceive me as much as he can, he will never bring it about that I am nothing, so long as I think that I am something. So, after considering everything very thoroughly, I must finally conclude that the proposition, I am, I exist, is necessarily true whenever it is put forward by me or conceived in my mind."
                                                                             (AT VII 25; CSM II 16–17)

 This statement become famous because in Renaissance period, human is derived by the strong 'perasaan ingin tahu'. The church authorities in Rome is not ready to cope with the scientists and mathematicians because they worry that they will challenge conventional wisdom that had been stated by the Catholic Church. This conflict had happened to Galileo Galilei.

Galileo Galilei: Uhuk..uhuk..saya telah memanjangkan kajian Nicholas Copernicus dan mendapati bahawa benar yang matahari adalah sebagai pusat alam.

Golongan penguasa gereja di Rom: Biadab!! jgn cuba melawan pihak Gereja Katolik..kami telah menetapkan bahawa bumi sebagai pusat alam!!

Because of that, he been prison in house in 1633 (-_-')

The church at that time only focus to the painting and sculpture. Paul Julius II pay to Leonardo Da Vinci, Raphael and Michelangelo to decorate the church and cathedral with painting and sculpture. At this time the St. Peter Cathedral was build.

After that the reformation start to exist because of there is too much irregularities, corruption and fraud. People start to question the position and practice of Catholic Church because their lifestyle did not shows the religious life. There were irregularities unpleasant by many such as they sold the certificates indulgence (surat pengampunan bagi penganut Kristian yang telah melakukan dosa)

(Klu jual ni xpe la ni choclate INDULGENCE tau!!)
(ni la surat pengampunan tu INDULGENCE)

 So people start the reformation and openly challenge the church. Power of the church against the government or monarchy reduced due to free itself from control of the Pope in Rome. After that people start improving because they can do and make something that logical that bring then into the REVOLUTION of AGRICULTURAL and INDUSTRIAL

As we can see here, from the chaotic that have been made by the Catholic Church, people start to change their direction of understanding. From believe in what had been stated by church, they start to believe in their own self. Science is a part of their GOD. All the logical thing start to bloom at that time as they hear what had been stated by René Descartes, I Think, Therefore I am...

I Think I am RIGHT, Therefore I am RIGHT!!

That is my opinion from the resources that i already here and here for further information..hope you get information from this reading...thx  ^_^

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